Vacation Jason is an antagonist to Chris Gethard who loves going on vacations.

Vacation FactsEdit

  • Vacation Expert.
  • Barefoot all the time.
  • Chris Gethard's exact opposite, therefore nemesis.

Vacation HistoryEdit

In 2011, Vacation Jason introduced himself to TCGS crew for the very first time.  Played by Riley Soloner, he was given one shot to prove that his idea for a character was funny.  Chris instructed everyone present not to laugh but by the end of Riley's pitch, not even he could contain himself.

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Vacation NotesEdit

  • Vacation Jason released a mixtape in 2013 titled Coconut Berry Lemon Tree.[1]

Vacation ReferencesEdit

  1. "Coconut Berry Lemon Tree" on TCGS Tumblr

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