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  • Ask the Human Fish What's on His Mind
    • One Direction vs. No Direction Home (The Bob Dylan Biography): No Direction Home
    • Carly Rae loves her fans: Call Me maybe singer Carly Rae Jepsen was floored by how many fans came out to meet her and to watch her perform in Mexico City for a concert. The star is now prepping to tour with fellow Canadian pal Justin Beiber. She'll be the opening act on the Believe tour this year. Roshon album deets- Shake it up's Roshon Fegen signed copies of his EP, I am Roshon, while at NYC event then stopped by the Twist offices to spill about his music. "I"m focusing a lot on my singing and now just showing how much I am involved in my music and how much I love it. I produce and write it all so it's all me," he tells Twist. Inside Arianna's home, Ari brainstorms projects at her desk at home and we're loving how her wall is covered in fan mail. Just goes to show you how much she truly appreciates your support. Twist recently hung out with Ari and the victorious gang in Orlando, Florida. Check out the fun on page 16. vs. A Couple O f Frogs: A Couple Of Frogs
    • Rachael From Florida vs. Millie From New Hampshire: Millie
    • Carly Rae Jepsen vs. John Wayne Gacy: John Wayne Gacy
    • Corey Haim Vs. Corey Feldman: Corey Feldman
    • A lf the alien from the 80's sitcom vs. Hawk the bird from the sky and stuff- Owls! Panel




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  • Pickin' Up A Dime
  • Heavy Metal Shoeshine


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