Quote1 This show is already so insanely awkward, no amount of prank calling can disrupt the flow of this show. Quote2
--Chris Gethard

The Third Episode Episode is the third episode of The Chris Gethard Show, airing after The Episode Where Everything Started and before The Tazapper Episode. The show's prep time had been double-booked by MNN, so they were forced to move to a smaller studio for this episode. This meant they were unable to have a live studio audience, a musical guest, or do any of their larger physical bits. The topic for this episode is to call in and tell the panel about the worst day of your life. Half-way through Chris Gethard adds a new call-in topic "Am I, the host of this show, off-putting?"


The synopsis for this episode has not been written up yet.





  • The Human Fish: We learn more details about the Human Fish in this episode. Human Fish needs goggles to see in the air, the same way we need goggles to see underwater. Nobody knows what is under his shorts, and he won’t answer any questions besides his internal battles. His home is "the sea."


  1. "Jeremy" talks about bailing his mother out of jail on his birthday. This is the first call to receive the Awkward Song for technical difficulties. Random Jean suggested that Jeremy should hire "Lou Geirgo" who she claimed is a powerful celebrity lawyer.
  2. Jake Fogelnest talks about Ger Stevens.
  3. "Brandon" tells a tale of unrequited love.
  4. Prank caller pretends to be Ger Stevens.
  5. Caller says this is the worst night of his life, gets the Obvious Joke song.
  6. "Casey" asks who will play Casey Anthony in the movie about her.
  7. "Hank" makes a prank call about chlamydia.
  8. "Joe" talks about Chris Gethard's videos where he dramatically reads erotic fan fiction.
  9. "Bobby from the Bronx" pervs on Hallie Bulleit.
  10. Kelly Lynn, former member of the Kung Fu Monkeys, talks about seeing Chris Gethard's penis.
  11. Walter asks about Chris Gethard's Twitter.
  12. Shaun Diston calls in while high.


This episode did not feature any special guests.

Studio audienceEdit

There was no studio audience participation in this episode.



This list is incomplete, as there were no end credits for this episode.

  • Andrew Soltys (thanked by Chris)
  • Chris Gethard - Executive Producer
  • Drake(?) (thanked by Chris)
  • Dru Johnston - Executive Producer / Writer
  • Emma Noble - Camera Operator
  • Greg Courtney(?) (thanked by Chris)
  • J.D. Amato - Director / Executive Producer
  • Jake Honig (thanked by Chris)
  • Kelly Dunlap (thanked by Chris)
  • Noah Forman - Executive Producer / Writer


The LLCEdit

Members of The LLC present include:

The songs performed by The LLC include the TCGS Theme, Human Fish, Awkward Song, Why Don't You Give Us a Call?, Mr. Meanie, Obvious Joke, and the Closing Theme.

Musical GuestEdit

There was no musical guest in this episode.




Quote1 He came to us. We don’t know very much about him except he’s from the sea. He’s acclimating to the world of humanity right now, and he’s always just got stuff on his mind. Internal struggles. He’s trying to figure out his viewpoint on the world around him. So, Fish, what’s on your mind right now? Quote2
--Chris Gethard
Quote1 Get fucked up, make your mom get YOU out of jail. Murder somebody! Quote2
--Shannon O'Neill
Quote1 Any lunatic who can fill out paperwork can get on TV. Quote2
--Jake Fogelnest
Quote1 The level to which I look like a harmless suburban kid makes it all the scarier when I lose my shit. Quote2
--Chris Gethard
Quote1 This show is already so insanely awkward, no amount of prank calling can disrupt the flow of this show. Quote2
--Chris Gethard


  • This was the first episode people were able to stream on the internet properly through uStream.
  • The recording of this episode is missing 10-20 seconds because they had to scramble to switch tapes.


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