The Guy Who Likes Cream But Not Too Much Cream was the first winner elected from the “Crowd Sourced Character Contest”. Out of 394 submissions and 10 finalists, TGWLC,BNTMC was the one that viewers voted should return as a semi-permanent member of TCGS.


The Guy Who Likes Cream likes cream, but only when there isn't too much of it.

He is the CEO of Dairy Queen.

He is always accompanied by, and was engaged to, His Personal Barista.


There have been a few versions of TGWLC, including The Guy Who Likes Grapes, But Not Too Much Grapes.

Extended FamilyEdit

In the lead-up to The Cream Wedding, TGWLC and HPB posted an online wedding journal entitled "My Better Half-and-Half", in which TGWLC revealed the names of some of his family members.

  • His father; The Guy Who Likes Several Shades of White BUT NOT TOO MUCH CREAM
  • His mother; The Woman Who Enjoys Progressive Rock Music BUT NOT TOO MUCH CREAM
  • His brother; The Dude Who Prefers Ointments For Mosquito Bites BUT NOT TOO MUCH CREAM
  • His brother; Dmitri BUT NOT TOO MUCH CREAM.
    • Dmitri did not attend the wedding because he was disowned by the BUT NOT TOO MUCH CREAM family,


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