"We meet Random Melissa! Dan Klein gives us his first ever fruit review! A very bizarre Random George video! One of Phil's best poems of all time!" - Chris, from the YouTube description

The two finalists from last week's Third Random auditions -- Lauren and Melissa -- face off in a series of trials to take the title. Dan Klein does his first-ever Fruit Review.


Throughout the night, the panelists put the Random finalists through a series of tests. The finalists are subjected to the judgment of the Council of Randoms, Random Jean and Random Andrew, who say that the new Random should possess qualities of "pain endurance" and "the ability to say things on the fly."


  • Who's Gonna Be The New Random?
  • Ask the Human Fish What's on His Mind
    • Jeopardy vs. Jeep Grand Cherokee: Jeep Grand Cherokee
    • Leotards vs. Lea Michele: Lea Michele
    • Phds vs. HPV: HPV
    • Jeremy Lin vs. Chicken Linguine: Chicken Linguine
    • Dubstep vs. The Fox Trot: Fox Trot
    • The Iron Lady vs. Iron Maiden: Iron Maiden
    • Tie-Dye vs. Jerry Garcia: Jerry Garcia
    • Knee-High Boots vs. Das Boots: Das Boots
    • Richard Nixon vs. Cynthia Nixon: Cynthia Nixon
    • War Paint vs. The Art Of War: The Art Of War
    • Herman Cain vs. Whitney Houston's Cocaine: Whitney Houston's Cocaine






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Chris (to Jean): You just fuckin' rolled up in a cab. Jean: Which you didn't pay me back for!


This episode marks the first time that Rob Malone has appeared on the panel for an entire episode since Ep. 2.

This episode marks the first time that Shannon O'Neill has not appeared on the panel since Ep. 7.


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