"This was the great JD Amato's idea, and man was it a good one! All monologue jokes all the time! For all the people who say we're not a real talk show since we don't have monologue jokes! This was so much fun and had a ton of great moments. With musical guest, badass, and truly nice guy Kevin Devine!" - Chris Gethard, from the YouTube description


The show opens with a brief video from Tim to Shannon, describing how Shannon's thoughts on the meaning of life in Episode 2 helped him follow his dream of becoming a game programmer.


  • Punishments For Bad Jokes
    • Bethany: Paddles Chris.
    • Shannon: Draws a Hitler mustache underneath Chris's nose.
    • Bethany: Rubs Vicks® VapoRub™ underneath Chris's eyes.
    • Shannon (to Random Andrew): Has Random Andrew wear a 36CC-size bra.
    • Murf: Has Chris stick his fingers in a mousetrap.
    • Random Andrew: Gives Chris Anbesol, an oral numbing agent, which causes Chris's New Jersey accent to become even more pronounced
  • Ask the Human Fish What's on His Mind
    • The Larry Sanders Show vs. It's Garry Shandling's Show: The Larry Sanders Show
    • Space Jam (The Movie) vs. Strawberry Jam (The Preserve): Space Jam (The Movie)
    • Yes vs. No: No




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  • Naomi (21:17): Thought that the Dolchnakov Brigade was taking over her school.
  • Derek from PA (23:27): Talks about Magic: The Gathering.
  • Noah from NY (30:20): Random Andrew's friend. Wants to see Random Andrew deliver one of the monologue jokes.
  • Mike (40:21): Not a fan of Connor Ratliff. Wants to manscape the Human Fish.


Studio audienceEdit

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  • Executive Producers
    • J.D. Amato
    • Chris Gethard
    • Dru Johnston
    • Noah Forman
  • Live Broadcast Producer
    • Keith Bethea
  • Audience Directors
    • Rob Malone
    • Andrew "Hot Dog" Parrish
    • Keith Haskel
  • Floor Manager
    • Andrew Flynn Soltys
  • Lead Camera
    • Emma Noble
  • Other Crew
    • Patrick Cotnoir
    • Jon Hess
    • Rachel Pegram
  • MNN Supervisors
    • Rich Speziale
    • Jeanette Santiago


The LLCEdit

  • "Traditional Late Night Talk Show Song"
  • "That Was Terrible, Chris"
  • "Gethard, Way To Go"

Kevin DevineEdit



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Bethany: I've spent so many shows screaming and being like "I like you! Don't do this to yourself!" I'm starting to be annoyed that you willingly torture yourself. So I am gonna paddle you as hard as I can.

Shannon: Think about going through the ass.

Shannon: Welcome to Ginger Hitler Christmas Special!


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