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Quote1 You don’t explain yourself, Human Fish, you just go with your gut instinct Quote2
--Chris Gethard[src]

The Human Fish is a fictional character portrayed by Dave Bluvband, and one of the regular panelists on The Chris Gethard Show. He is a half-man/half-fish hybrid who is trying to learn about the world of man.


He almost only ever speaks in an X vs. Y format, although some exceptions have been made, such as when he joined The Hintmaster and was taught to speak fluent English. The Human Fish has appeared in nearly every episode, although he did not show up during the show's limited run of small studio shows due to travel concerns. His last name is Horma, but his first name is unknown, as is much of his background. 

He fears the zoo, has male genitals and has a brother who is a brass donkey head. 




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  • Matt Besser adamantly believes that the Human Fish is, in fact, just a strange New Yorker wearing a swimsuit and pretending to be a fish. His views are not shared by the show at large.


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